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About the Zoo

The Zoo is an area of the website which is organized animal by animal, arranged alphabetically according to the animal's name in Latin. For animals that have several closely related names in Latin (such as the "goat," who is caper, capra, capella, hircus,etc.), you will find the separate Latin names combined into a single page.

When you visit a Zoo page, here is what you will find (although not all pages have all of these sections):

Legenda. There are links here to the Legenda section of the website for stories involving the particular animal you are looking at in the Zoo.

Proverbia. Most of the proverbs cited here are from Erasmus's Adagia, although other sources are occasionally used.

Fontes: Weblinks. In general, you will always find a weblink to David Badke's Medieval Bestiary website (an invaluable resource!), along with a link to the online Aberdeen Bestiary (if available for that particular animal).

Fontes: Texts. In addition to the links to online resources, you will find a selection of Latin source texts provided here. The main authors represented are the Physiologus writers, Pliny the Elder, Isidore of Seville, along with Hrabanus Maurus (Hrabanus often repeats Isidore verbatim, but he also adds some fascinating allegorical commentary of his own). Please note that, unlike the Legenda, the Latin texts provided on the Zoo pages have not been simplified or annotated in any way for easy reading. They are provided instead as reference material.

Images. You will find here all the thumbnail images used for this animal, with links to the websites and/or webpages where you can find the full-size image. The website does not have an image gallery. All the images you will find at are simply thumbnails of images found at online image repositories (usually at university libraries). For more information, see the About The Images page.

In addition, you might also find it useful to consult the Content Index at the website, in order to find additional Aesop's fables about a particular animal. The only "Legenda" references provided here in the Zoo are to the Latin stories available here at There are often dozens more fables about a particular animal which you will be able to track down using the resources at the website.

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