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The following sources have been used in the construction of the materials at this website:

Texts: The texts at this website are taken from a variety of original sources which can be consulted online. Each of the animal legends consists of adapted material making the readings easier for intermediate Latin students. The spelling has been normalized, and the passages have been shorted, adapted, and combined with one another. Each legend cites the original passages which were used to create the adaptation, and the orignal materials can be consulted online if you are interested in seeing just what is original and what is adapted:

Historia Naturalis: Pliny | Aelian (Latin) | Isidore | Solinus | Hrabanus | Honorius | Hoffman | Masen

Physiologica: Physiologus-B | Physiologus-Y | Theobaldus | Epiphanius (Latin)

Bestiaria: Aberdeen Bestiary | Dutch Bestiaries |

Aesopica (verse) : Phaedrus | Avianus | Romulus (rhymed) | Romulus (metrical) | Walter | Nequam

Aesopica (prose): Ademar | Romulus Ang. | Steinhowel | Odo

Adagia: Erasmus | Manuzio

Other: Liber Kalilae et Dimnae | Petrus Alphonsi | Gesta Romanorum | Dialogus creaturarum | Legenda Aurea

Images: The images used at this website are 100x100 pixel thumbnails which points to images at other websites. When you click on a thumbnail image at the website, it will take you to the Zoo page for that animal, and if you are already on the Zoo page, clicking on the thumbnail takes you to an external website where you can see the original image displayed.

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