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Proverbia de Anguilla

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These proverbs about the Eel (Anguilla) are based largely on the notion that the eel is very slippery!

For more information about the eel in Latin bestiaries, visit the Anguilla in the Zoo. If you find some of the proverbs below difficult to understand, you will find some English translations at the Zoo page, along with some additional notes there that you might find helpful!

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Anguilla est;
magis lubricus.
anguilla: ablative
in strigmento.
Note: "Strigmentum" ("scraping") is the oil that wrestlers, gladiators and other athletes scrape off their bodies when they are done competing.
teneo anguillam.
cauda: ablative
Non habet anguillam,
per caudam
qui tenet illam.
qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with the implied subject of habet
Folio ficulno
tenes anguillam.

Note: The figleaf is rough and thus able to hold a slippery eel.

Anguillas captat.
Note: When someone fishes for eels, they have to stir up and muddy the waters because eels cannot be caught in still standing water.
a digitis
saepe est dilapsa
a digitis...peritis: split phrase
Perdimus anguillam
dum manibus
stringimus illam.


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