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The story of The Antelope is adapted from Physiologus Latinus Versio Yand from a passage in Odo of Cheriton.

You can find this fable, Odo 17, along with other fables by Odo, at the website.

For more information about the antelope in Latin bestiaries, visit the Antalops in the Zoo. You can also visit the Antelope page at the website for a discussion in English, bibliography and other useful references.

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Est animal
quod dicitur antalops,
acerrimum nimis,
ut nec venator possit
ei appropinquare.

quod: relative pronoun, antecedent is animal

possit: subjunctive with ut

appropinquare: complementary infinitive with possit

Habet autem longa cornua
serrae figuram habentia,
ut possit praecidere
arbores magnas et altas,
et ad terram deponere.

autem: postpositive

possit: subjunctive with ut

praecidere...deponere: complementary infinitives with possit

Si autem sitierit,
ad terribilem Eufraten flumen,
et bibit.

autem: postpositive

Sunt autem ibi frutices
tenues ramos habentes,
et venit
ad illam fruticem,
et ludit cum uirgultis
cornibus suis
et obligatur in ramis
et non potest
caput extrahere.

autem: postpositive

extrahere: complementary infinitive with potest

Et clamat,
volens fugere,
et non potest,
obligatus est enim;

fugere: complementary infinitive with volens

enim: postpositive (notice how obligatus-est is treated as a single word unit)

quo audito
veniunt venatores
et interficiunt eum.

quo: relative pronoun (antecedent is "that," i.e., the shouting of the antelope)

quo audito: ablative absolute

Sic plerique ludunt
cum negotiis istius mundi
et implicantur.
Tot negotiis detinentur
ut evelli non possint,
et a daemonibus interficiuntur.

possint: subjunctive with ut

evelli: complementary infinitive with possint

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